Blessings Banquet Hall at VITS - Nanded Hotel


Our state of the art banquet facility at VITS - Nanded Hotel, offers a grand venue for all your grand events. VITS - Nanded Hotel, aspires to become a part of your story of celebrations, with an extravagantly decked banquet hall. The Blessings Banquet Hall is equipped with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, projector and audio-visual equipment to cater to all your event needs. Our dedicated team of staff will plan and organise your event for you, creating a hassle-free experience. Our grand banquet hall can accommodate - 

  • 1000 guests in a floating crowd setting
  • 800 guests in a theatre setting
  • 100 guests in a U-shaped setting
  • 550 guests in a cluster setting
  • 110 guests in a boardroom setting