Pool Café in North Goa

a stacked chicken burger on show with blurred background
a view of a pizza from a top with a small slice moved away from the pizza

The Pool Café at VITS Shanti Solitaire, North Goa, is a delightful culinary haven offering a diverse array of gastronomic delights. Whether you crave the cheesy goodness of pizzas, the satisfying indulgence of burgers, the freshness of sandwiches, or the zesty flavours of chaat items, this café has it all. To complement your meal, they also serve a refreshing selection of mocktails and cocktails, perfect for a relaxed poolside experience. With its picturesque setting and delectable menu, the Pool Café at VITS Shanti Solitaire is the ultimate destination for both food enthusiasts and those seeking a memorable leisurely escape in North Goa. 

11:00 AM - 02:00 AM